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new year2014
new year2014

So here it is December 31st yet again.  Almost time for another new year to begin.  Time for everyone to drink a lot of alcohol and eat a lot of food before they vow to start exercising and eating healthy the next day.

I usually make a big ta-do about making plans to do something big & fun on New Year's Eve (usually quite unsuccessfully) but this year, I didn't even try.  I don't know if it's because I'm out-of-whack this year since my mom's passing or if I just felt lazy (or both), but here I sit at 11:30 p.m. in my pj's, drinking an Angry Orchard, blogging while watching Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve and I'm perfectly content.

2013 was definitely an interesting year, to put it mildly.  Mainly of course, because my mom was diagnosed, went through grueling treatment and passed away all within the year.  But I also started and ended my career as a full time newspaper reporter, finally moved to my beloved town of Davidson, took a leap with my writing and made a lot of great memories.  I don't regret any of 2013 but I also won't miss it either.

The new year has always had a mystique about it... a chance for everyone to start over.  To have a "clean slate", to forget about the bad parts of the last year and start fresh.  In a way, I embrace this and look forward to a "fresh start" too but it's not necessarily about the date of January 1.  I've already been feeling like I have a whole new perspective since my mom's passing in September.  Not necessarily something completely new, but more of a magnification of how I already felt.  I already knew that I wanted to focus on the important things... friends, family and meaningful life experiences, not trivial things like social media or material things.  And I already had lots of ideas of things I wanted to do or experience in life.  But the loss of my mom (and reading her journal shortly after) put everything into crystal-clear perspective and gave me an almost invincible-feeling (ironically) of not worrying about the little things anymore.  To just take chances without fretting or worrying and to do things NOW, not later.

So this new year for me isn't necessarily about the end of another 365 days.  It's about living my life in the best way I can while I still have the time to do so.  I have had a bucket list before they were even called bucket lists.  In fact, I called mine a "Life To-Do List" and I wrote it when I was 22 years old.  There are some things on there that I don't even want to do anymore but I'm excited about doing the rest of them, along with some new ones.  Without sharing too much personal info, here are just a few of the to-do's:

*Skydive *Finish learning to swim *See the Sistine Chapel *Work on an animal rescue *Drive a race car *Kiss at the top of the Empire State Building at night

and ironically...

*Spend a New Year's Eve in Times Square

And of course... spend more time with friends and family.  Not in a Hallmark greeting card kind of way either.  REALLY.  Friends, be forewarned, I will hunt you down and make you commit to getting together.  ;)

The cool thing is, I feel like God has given me the feeling of anticipation for things I don't even know about yet.  Like literally covered me in it.  I have this giddy/excited/or as I like to say... yummy feeling for my successful writing career, my relationship with my future husband and for a million other things like traveling to Europe and none of them have even happened yet.  But how cool is that?

This has been a tough year, yes.  In a way that I will probably never be able to fully explain in words.  But like He always does, God is making something good come of it and I can literally feel Him moving me along.  I'm excited for 2014 and whatever it may hold.  And I know that no matter what comes my way, I will be okay.  Not just okay, I will be blessed.

I truly wish everyone a prosperous, happy and healthy New Year and urge you to savor every last moment of it.