Ninja Santa Follow-Up

Well I promised I would follow up with the Ninja Santa gifts so here we go!  It didn't go quite the way I thought it would because I forgot one minor problem - I've hardly been leaving my house lately!  (If you don't know why, see What Is Wrong With You Anyway?)  Soooo... I only had a few opportunities to give them away but they were still fun! I gave my first Target gift card out when I was on way out of town a couple days before Christmas.  I stopped at Healthy Home Market in Davidson to have a healthy lunch before I hit the road and was paying at the smoothie counter in the back of the store.  The young girl who waited on me was SUPER friendly... chatting with me about the holidays and complimenting me on my new haircut/color.  I was just about to thank her as usual and walk away when it hit me... "she deserves a gift!"  So, I set my food down on a nearby table, got the Target card out and gave it to her, thanking her for being so nice and cheerful.  If you could've seen the smile she got on her face!  :)  She was so surprised and just kept saying thank you over and over again.  Ninja Santa!

Then I had a couple bad days with my adrenal fatigue so I didn't make it out of town.  Thus, I ended up still having 5 out of the 6 cards on Christmas Eve.  So what's a girl to do?  Well, I did manage to get ready and go to the Christmas Eve service at my church.  On the way there, when I got off the  highway, I came up on a young man standing in the rain at the end of the ramp.  I didn't even hesitate for a second when I rolled my window down and motioned him over to the car.  The light changed just as I handed him the Target gift card and wished him a Merry Christmas!  Ninja Santa!

Then later, after the church service was over, I decided to stop by the"Food Hut" on the way out to say hello to a friend who was serving there.  Basically, it's a shed where my church stores and puts out all kinds of food products each service so people in need can stop by and pick stuff up.  I mentioned to my friend that I still had some cards and was trying to decide if I should just give them to the church or hold on to them, when I realized that there were 3 women currently standing at the hut.  And I had 3 Harris Teeter gift cards.  So I quietly approached each woman separately and simply put the cards in their hands, wishing them a Merry Christmas and telling them it was a little something to help them out.  Again, they each looked so surprised and touched but the last woman literally stopped me as I was walking away so she could give me a huge hug.  Ninja Santa!

So if you've done your math, you probably realize that I have 1 Target gift card left.  I'm sure I could've given it to someone else if I stood at the hut longer or even just given it to the church to hand out, but I felt like I needed to hold on to it.  So God must have someone in mind for it.  And when I run into them, I'll have it ready!

Overall, it was just as fun and rewarding as I thought it'd be and I definitely plan on doing it again next year.  And hopefully by that time, I'll be out and about like a normal person again so there'll be plenty of opportunities for random acts of kindness!!  :)

Merry Christmas!