Ninja Santa's Coming To Town

gs gifts
gs gifts

So, if you follow my Facebook or Twitter pages, you probably already saw this picture...

... with a kind of cryptic caption about being a Ninja Santa with "Good Samaritan" gifts.

Well, here's the rundown.  I had the thought the other day that I wanted to give out some gift cards to strangers as a "random act of kindness" for Christmas.  So I bought three $10 Harris Teeter gift cards and three $10 Target gift cards and put them in these cute little envelopes.  Now all that's left is to hand them out and spread some Christmas cheer!

I have prayed that God will lead me to the right people that really need them and that he'll keep my natural spastic-ness at bay so I don't hand them out to the first 6 people I see.  ;)  And I know He will.

So stay tuned and I'll keep you updated on how it goes!