Counter Culture - Follow Up


If you read my first post about Beautycounter products, you probably remember that I said I'd report back after I tried the samples I was given.  That was over a week ago, so I'm sorry for the delay, but I got a doozy of a cold/flu/bug.  Like the 102-degree fever kind.  Fun!  But now that I am finally feeling almost back to normal, I wanted to let y'all know what I thought.

To recap, I tried the Routine Cream Cleanser, Every Day AM Cream, Every Night PM Cream, Any Time Eye Cream, Gentle Exfoliator Polishing Cream, a Face Oil and their Tinted Moisturizer.

So, here's what I thought:

I LOVED the eye cream and the exfoliator.  Both were very hydrating and creamy but not oily.  I also liked the face oil because it amazingly made my face feel moisturized without feeling oily.  Strange I know, since it's an oil.  Plus the scent (I tried the Calendula) was divine!

I did like the cleanser and moisturizers as well, but I still found them not to be QUITE moisturizing enough for me right now.  Again, I am still recovering from advanced adrenal fatigue and one of the symptoms is extremely dry skin.  So as that continues to improve and I come off of the specialized skincare I've been using for AF, I will give it another try.  Because it does feel great otherwise!

The tinted moisturizer was also really nice.  VERY lightweight, not greasy.  And I like that I can apply it with my fingertips or a brush.  It was very easy to blend in and as far as I could tell, it didn't come off easily on my clothes or my hand if I rested it under my chin.  Big plus!

So overall, I would recommend the products I tried and I plan to try out a few more like the shampoo, shower gel, lip conditioner and lip sheer.  Since I am a self-admitted lip gloss addict, this will be an important test.  :)

If you're interested in switching your beauty products over to a healthier option, or if you've never even looked at the ingredients on yours before... do that FIRST.  And then check out Beautycounter here:

Until next time, keep it Simple and keep it Fabulous!