Big Steps on My Tiny Journey

For the past few weeks, I've been taking some pretty big steps on my downsizing and tiny house journey.  First of all, I've been chugging along on my downsizing e-course and although I'm a little behind, I am making some great progress!  I had already gone through all of the clothes, shoes and accessories in my bedroom closet but I hadn't made sense of everything that I had pulled out.  I'm realizing this downsizing journey is going to have a lot of steps! So first, I pulled out all of the things that I thought would sell at a consignment store and took them to two little boutiques in Lake Norman.  I was even able to consign a ball gown that I had only worn once!  I'll admit, it was a little hard to part with it because it's so gorgeous but when I'm really honest... when am I actually going to wear it again?  That's what's so interesting about this journey... realizing just how much you hold on to "just in case" or because you think you "might" need it one day.  When you're looking at it with 15o sq. feet in mind, you don't have that luxury!  :)  So now that I have a decent amount of items for sale in the consignment stores, I bagged up the rest of the clothes, shoes and accessories, along with some extra sheets and linens (again, how many of these do you actually use and how many just sit there?) and scheduled a pick-up for a domestic abuse shelter.  It's super convenient because they come right to your house to pick them up!  Plus it's tax-deductible.  Then I separated out all the things that I think can sell at a yard sale.  And boy, is it going to be one BIG yard sale!  I managed to go through my summer clothes and some bags in the spare bedroom closet, my pantry (you wouldn't believe how much needed to be thrown out!), my filing cabinet and my bathroom closet.  Last week's lesson in my downsizing course was to "digitize" as many documents as possible but I am going to try to hold on to a few of my files because I found this super cute ottoman that doubles as a filing cabinet and a place to put my feet!  :)


But another big project that I DID take on was all of my old VHS tapes.  Yes, somewhere along the way, I have turned into my father.  ;)  Not only do I still own a VCR and a bunch of VHS tapes, but I also have cassette tapes, records and a record player.  The only thing missing to truly be like him would be an eight-track player.  ;)  Originally, I had figured I'd get rid of the record player too, but once I sat down and started going through the records and playing some of them, I decided I wanted to keep it.  For one, I still love the sound of the vinyl but also, because it makes me think of my dad.  So even though I still owned a lot of movies that I wanted to keep on VHS, I bit the bullet and put the VCR in the yard sale pile.  I figure I can possibly replace some of those movies on DVD if I happen across them at a good price (I already found one!) or more likely, I will just live without them.  But I did have some things on VHS that I still wanted... a couple Pom competitions, a fashion show I modeled in, some local news clips of my pom squad and graduation party and even a home video that my BFF and I had done when we were young.  I didn't want to have to keep the VCR just for these though, so I am going to have them transferred to DVD's at Walmart (who knew they did that!).  I'm going to have a few old photo albums converted to DVD's as well.  Making space!  :)

I took a bunch of the VHS tapes, some DVD's and some records to a buy/sell store in Charlotte and managed to get $30 in cash and $20 in store credit.  Score!  And I've posted some collectible items like Cabbage Patch Kids, Pound Puppies and old Barbies on eBay.  I figure any money I can get back will be a bonus!

The hard part to believe is that all of that was INSIDE the house.  Meaning it was in the bedroom, bathroom, spare bedroom or upstairs bonus room (that I use as my living room) in my roommate's house.  I haven't even gotten to all my boxes in the garage yet!  And here I thought that was going to be the hard part.  ;)  It's exciting though... giving yourself permission to get rid of stuff.  It really is crazy how much we all accumulate over time.  It doesn't seem like it when you're living in it every day but when you take a closer look, you don't use even half of it!

Now on to the Tiny House developments...

I signed the contract this weekend!  Yay!  So we are officially on our way.  Now all I have to do is pick out a composting toilet and secure a place to put the house!  Which by the way, if you happen upon this blog and you know about composting toilets, recommendations would be appreciated!  :)  The blog that I will be writing for Lake Norman Magazine about the process will start at the end of February, so check it out here.

Stay tuned!