Let's Talk About Sweat Baby

So this may seem a little off-topic since I've been posting a lot about the tiny house lately, but since the "F.a.s.t. Life" is also all about clean living, I wanted to share a little gem with you guys.

I've come to realize in the past couple weeks that several of my friends were suffering from the same dilemma that I had been struggling with myself for awhile.  We sweat... we're only human.  But we also wanted to use a deodorant that wasn't full of toxic JUNK but actually worked.  

I, personally, had tried every "natural" deodorant that's out there and none of them worked.  (Let's just say I couldn't stand myself after about hour so who knows what other people were thinking!)  So I'd always end up reverting back to the "regular" deodorant... ya know, the kind that's full of lots of carcinogens.  It was pretty much the only product left that I couldn't seem to switch over to a healthier version.

But I wasn't ready to give up just yet.

So there I stood one day, staring yet again at the deodorant section in Whole Foods, trying to decide which natural deodorant I'd try next.  I couldn't tell which ones were actually gluten free though (yes, even deodorant has flippin gluten in it), so I approached the sales clerk to ask for help.

She came over and started to go over the products that were on the shelf, but after rather halfheartedly pointing out a couple, she told me to follow her over to the computer so she could show me something.  So we walked over to the kiosk and she pulled up the internet, while she started telling me about her own adventures of trying to find the elusive effective natural deodorant.

And then she showed me "Take A Whiff" by Pristine Beauty.

It's gluten free, aluminum free, paraben free, phthalates free, proplene glycol free, cruelty free AND vegan.  

Now, if you're already thinking "I don't care about this..." or "Why should I care what's in my deodorant?"  Let's think about smoking for a minute.  Most people have come around to the realization that putting a cigarette in their mouth is rather like asking for a death sentence.  (And those that continue to do it anyway are just playing the "Lalala... I'm going to pretend like I don't know what I'm doing to my body!" game)  Yet, most of us are still perfectly content to use products on and in our bodies that contain ingredients that are just as lethal.  It's the same as with the cigarettes, you put that junk in or on your body long enough... and well, you know the rest.

The "phenomenon" of cancer and "Why does it seem like everyone knows someone affected by it??" is not really that big of a mystery if you really stop to think about what we blindly subject our bodies to.  

But I digress.

So anyway, this deodorant... it doesn't STOP sweating.  You don't want it to.  Sweating is the body's natural way of getting rid of toxins.  But it does keep you feeling fresh and most importantly, odor free, without nasty ingredients (like aluminum chlorhydrate) that are in most traditional deodorants.

But the craziest part for me was that it ACTUALLY WORKS.  I'm telling you... I was starting to think if you wanted to use a natural deodorant, that you just had to accept the fact that you weren't going to smell so pleasant.  But that's not the case!

Of course, when you first start using it, there will be some days were you're ready to about give up and switch back, but that's because your body is getting rid of all the nasty (read as: stinky) toxins that have been cooped up in there!  But once your body adjusts, you're golden!  

The girl at Whole Foods told me she was even able to go days without wearing it and one stick would last her like A YEAR!  (Mine does last for like 4 or 5 months)  But she also told me she noticed a huge difference when she became vegan - she was able to go without it much more often.  But when she switched back to eating meat, she had to use it more often again.  Just goes to show you how important what you put IN your body is too!

The company, Pristine Beauty, is owned by a breast cancer survivor too and a portion of proceeds go to cancer survivors and cancer prevention, so it's a win-win all around!  

She makes a bunch of other products too like face cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, etc., but I haven't tried anything else yet (I want to try the sunless tanner!!).  I'm thinking I might start checking out the other stuff though too cuz she guarantees that all of her products will NEVER contain:

  • Parabens
  • Bismuth Oxychloride
  • Sulfates
  • Gluten
  • Soy
  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Synthetic Dyes (examples: FD&C and Lake Dyes)
  • Petrochemicals (examples: PEG, Dimethicone, Polybutene, Butylene Glycol, Paraffin)
  • Nylon-6
  • Phthalates
  • GMOs
  • Triclosan
  • Quaternium

And if you don't know why you should care about this stuff... my "Icky Ingredients" list will give you a little heads up about what these things can do to you.

I special ordered my "Take a Whiff" at Whole Foods (they do carry it, but only at certain stores) or you can also get it here.

Give it a try... you won't be disappointed!!

Til next time, keep your worries tiny and your dreams BIG!

P.S.  Keep an eye out for my upcoming e-course that will be JAM-PACKED with everything you need to know about cleaning up your body and your home so you can live a F.a.s.t. life for a long time!  :)