The 5 Most Surprising Things About Tiny Living

Tiny living is a unique experience in and of itself.  But even when you enter into it fully prepared, after doing lots of research and downsizing all of your stuff... it's still bound to surprise you in a few ways.

For me, these were the 5 most surprising things about living in a tiny house (at least so far!).  For more "dirt" on the realities of tiny living, check out my new eBook "Tiny Abundance" on September 30th.  You can download the Introduction for FREE right now!


1.  The Shower

When your whole house is 160 square feet, everything is obviously smaller.  And the bathtub is no exception.  But even going into it knowing that I had an adorably small bathtub, taking a shower was still a surprise.  I was still surprised by exactly how small it is and the unique experience of actually taking a shower in it.  There's not really any such thing as standing outside the shower stream and shaving your legs is ... well, interesting.  But one thing I did learn about the shower that I will probably change in the near future is to use a shower bar that's specifically made for small spaces.  It pops out away from the shower when you're using it and folds back in when you're not.  That way, the curtain isn't right on top of you when you're showering but it still stays out of the way when you're not in it.  Genius!

2.  The Zoo Effect

I know that people are curious about tiny houses and tiny living.  I was too.  But the number of people that just show up at your house or pull off the road to look at it is still pretty surprising.  Multiple times a week, I'll catch people either slowing down as they drive by or pulling off the road in front of my house.  Sometimes they'll even take it a step further and get out of their cars and come up to the house!  It can be a little unnerving when you're just relaxing on your couch in your pajamas or taking your dogs out to go to the bathroom and suddenly you have visitors.  Since I do understand the curiosity though, I do try to be nice about it.  But if it gets too crazy, I may start charging admission.  ;)

3.  More Downsizing

Before I moved into my tiny house, I literally got rid of like 90% of my belongings.  I'm talking all of my furniture (I only kept my mattress), TONS of clothes and shoes, lots of kitchen stuff, electronics, books, etc., etc.  I was pretty proud of the very small pile I had left when I was done and thought I had done a pretty good job.  I still think I did a pretty good job... but the surprising part is that I still wanted to downsize even more once I got here!  I know I will get rid of more clothes once I do my big "changing of the seasons" in a few weeks.  And when I was setting up my kitchen, I realized I still had kept too many bowls and too many mugs.  I only have 2 small shelves and 1 small mug rack to hold things in the kitchen, so what fits can stay and what doesn't has to go!  But seriously, why do I really need more than 5 mugs and 8 bowls anyway??

4.  No Claustrophobia!

This one really surprised me.  Even though I made the decision to downsize into a tiny house of my own accord, no one forced me to do it, and I knew what I was getting into... I still kind of expected that I'd probably feel a little claustrophobic once I got in here.  I figured it'd be okay because it would be a small price to pay to be mortgage-free and I'd get over it after a little while.  But to my surprise, I really didn't have to get over it at all.  I haven't felt claustrophobic once!  Which even I'll admit, is a little weird.  But I really haven't ever felt confined or restricted by the space.  I think having a white interior and plenty of windows helps, as well as being surrounded by all of my favorite belongings and decor.  Now don't get me wrong, it's still nice to visit friends or go on a vacation once in awhile to mix it up, but it's crazy how even 160 square feet can feel like home!

5.  My Toilet Doesn't Gross Me Out

I'll be the first to admit that I am a bit of a girly girl.  I'm not high maintenance or anything by far... I don't own any designer clothes and I could count the number of times I get a manicure every year on one hand.  But I am a bit prissy when it comes to bugs, spiders, snakes and the like.  And although I do like camping, I've never really been one to totally "rough it" and do the whole make your own fire, cook on a sterno, go potty in a hole in the ground kind of thing.  So when I made the decision to move into a tiny house and knew that I was going to have some sort of non-traditional toilet, I was honestly a little nervous about being able to handle it.  But I have surprised myself.  I'm not grossed out by it and I'm actually pretty used to the whole routine of using and maintaining it already.  Sure, it'd be nice if the refill cartridges were a little cheaper but other than that, it's actually worked out to be a pretty good "off grid" option.

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