The Importance of Self Care and Putting Your Own Needs First (It Doesn't Make You a Bad Person!)

(If just reading the words “putting your own needs first” in that title made you cringe a little, this post is for you.)

Are you the type of person who does everything for everyone?

You cook the meals, you clean the house, you take on the extra projects at work, you coach the kids’ sporting events, you volunteer… and then at the very end of the day, if you have any time or energy left, you might pay attention to yourself.

Sound familiar?

It’s kind of an epidemic these days, especially with us ladies.  For whatever reason, we have become programmed to think that we are supposed to take care of everyone around us before (or in some cases, even instead of) ourselves.

Maybe that’s how our mothers did it.  Or it’s what’s being presented to us on TV or in magazines.  Or maybe that’s what our friends do, so we figure that’s what we should do too.

Regardless of how the thought got planted in our brains, many of us are subscribing to the theory and running ourselves ragged in the process.

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