Why I Think I'm Finally Ready to Start Tiny House Dreaming Again (and Why It Might End Up Being an RV Instead)

Well if you read my post "Buyer Beware," you may be wondering what ever happened after that.  You know by now that I had to move out of my tiny house and demand my money back... but am I in another tiny house?  Am I in a regular house?  Do I still like the tiny life?

I have been asked those questions a million times, so I thought it was about time that I wrote about it.  To answer those questions in order...

1.  No (not yet)
2. Sort of (it's not my house)
3. Absolutely!

Basically, when I found out that my builder was going to give me my money back and take the house, I had to get out of there QUICK.  I wasn't sure where I was going to go, since it all happened so fast (once I sent off the letter), but I knew that I still wasn't interested in buying a "regular" house and I knew I didn't want to get sucked into a lease.  Besides, I had gotten rid of 80% of my belongings, so I had nothing to put in an apartment anyway!  

So, I found the quickest temporary, furnished rental house that I could find and moved in for a couple months.  Wouldn't you know it... the house ended up having a major mold problem (gotta love it), so in the end, I was thankful that I could only stay through the end of the year.

After that, I moved back in with the roommate that I had before my first tiny house.  And that's where I still am to this point.  

Now.  To answer the question about do I want another tiny house and do I want to still live the tiny life?


There was nothing about the tiny life that I really didn't like!  Ok, the dry toilet wasn't my favorite thing in the world... but it actually wasn't that bad either and I had already gotten pretty used to it.  I never felt claustrophobic in my house and I didn't miss any of the stuff I had gotten rid of either.  

The only thing that was stressing me out was the condition of my house.  The fact that the electric never did work the way it was supposed to, that I had plumbing problems, that I was worried that my rooftop deck was going to fall in on me while I was sleeping (once I realized all the other mistakes that had been made) and the fact that the walls leaked dirty water every time it rained.  

I was definitely OVER all of that.

But what's funny is... even though I had been telling people for months that yes, I definitely wanted another tiny house!  And yes, I still loved the idea of tiny living!  I didn't realize that I had been sort of avoiding it.

Now, granted, I've been very busy writing guest posts about downsizing and tiny living, working on my new e-course that teaches people how to downsize and even being invited to be a guest speaker for Tiny House Canada and the Tiny House Jamboree.  So it's not like I've removed myself from the tiny "space" or anything.

But what I mean is... I realized that I hadn't really watched any of the tiny house TV shows that I used to be SO addicted to (heck, I was on one!), I hadn't drooled over tiny house pics on Pinterest and I hadn't even given a thought to design ideas for my next house.

Honestly, I have been so busy with my course and all of the other new projects I have going on, that I haven't had a whole lot of time for it.  But it wasn't until a few nights ago, when I ended up looking at some tiny house photos on Instagram by "accident," that I realized I had been avoiding it too.

It's kind of like after a painful break-up... you're not ready to date right away, so you involve yourself in other stuff.  You stay busy with work and friends and avoid looking at dating sites or actively looking for someone to date.  But eventually, after the hurt has faded away, you start to notice again when someone is attractive and you start to get your mojo back.

Well, I didn't realize that my tiny house mojo had been taken away, but apparently it had.

But the good news is, I realized this because my mojo was coming back!  Yay!

Yes, when I was liking those pictures on Instagram and following the accounts that posted them, I felt that familiar excitement... that little rush... that feeling that I used to get when I thought about tiny houses before my bad experience.

So... I may have needed a mental breather from all of the drama and disappointment.  But I came out the other side and am actually excited again about the thought of my next house!

Which brings me to my dilemma.

As much as I still ADORE tiny houses.  I'm starting to realize that I also really like the idea of an RV.  In fact, after I listened to about ten episodes of the RV Entrepreneur podcast back-to-back recently, I about ran to the nearest RV dealer to buy one and hit the road!  (Side note:  If you haven't checked out that podcast, go do it!  It's awesome!)

But I really like the idea of being more mobile and being able to literally pick up and move somewhere for a week, a month, whatever... whenever I wanted to!  I like the idea of traveling while I work, being a digital nomad and seeing as many places and meeting as many people as possible.  

Not to mention, the RV would be a lot cheaper than a tiny house.  

But I also love the comfort, the style and the uniqueness of a tiny house.  And I love being close to my friends, church and community... so there's something to be said about putting down some sort of temporary roots.

So, as you can probably tell, I really don't know what I'm going to do yet.  

But I DO know that whichever way I decide to go, it's still going to be unique, it's going to be awesome and most likely... it will still be purple!

Stay tuned!

Until next time, keep your worries tiny and your dreams BIG!