Review: Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet from

Recently, I was asked to review an essential oil diffuser bracelet from the blog and shop,  And I'll admit, I didn't know which way it was gonna go.

On one hand, I LOVE essential oils and am super interested in learning about more ways to use them (right now, I mostly use them in a small, electric diffuser I keep in my bedroom).  But on the other hand, I've never been much of a bracelet fan.  

I try... I really do.  But I always end up taking them off halfway through the day, because they are usually annoying me.  This is typically not the bracelet's fault.  But instead because of my freakishly-thin wrists that can't seem to support anything more substantial than a rubber band.

Regardless, I like the concept of having "aromatherapy on the go," so I decided to give the diffuser bracelet a try.  And here's how it went...

First of all, the bracelets are each handmade by Starr herself, and feature a variety of different beads like lava, druzy agate, clay and sea glass.  Having virtually no knowledge of beads myself, I didn't really know what most of those terms meant, but I did know that they were pretty!

I decided on the Pink Sea, Flower Shell bracelet (sells for $18.87), which features terracotta clay beads, pink sea glass and a carved flower shell.  I chose it because pink is one of my favorite colors, it looked like it would be neutral enough for me to wear it with most anything, and it kind of reminded me of something I might have bought at the beach when I was younger.

When the bracelet arrived (within just a few days), I was actually pleasantly surprised and thought it was even cuter in person than in the photo.  Since the bracelets are made of natural materials, the website does warn that each bead may look a little different.  But overall, mine looked very much like the one that was presented on the website.  The bracelet was well-assembled and there were no loose beads or hanging threads.

But best of all... when I put it on, it actually fit!!  This may not be a big deal for most of you.  But for those of us out here with microscopic wrists, you know what a joy it is to find a bracelet that doesn't immediately go down to your elbow when you put it on.

So, then it was time to actually start wearing this thing.  The bracelet came with a simple set of instructions on how and when to apply the oil, which can also be found on the website.  I decided to start off by only applying oil to the two large lava beads that sit on either side of the shell, because I didn't want to overpower myself.

I put the bracelet on a small tissue, added one or two drops to each of the lava beads and let it dry for about 5 or 10 minutes, before I flipped it over and did the same thing on the other side.  Then about an hour or so later, I slipped that baby on and headed out for my daily errands.

For about the first 30 or 40 minutes, I definitely noticed a pleasant lavender smell every once in awhile, but it was very light.  And I'd say by the time I got home about 3 hours later, I didn't really notice a scent anymore (to myself anyway).  

So, the next day when I was applying the oil, I went ahead and applied a tiny drop to each lava bead AND each of the (12) sea glass beads.  Like the instructions noted, the glass beads took just a little longer to dry than the lava, but it was totally dry by the time I was ready to go out shortly after that, and again, I wore it around while I did my daily errands.

This time, I noticed a definitive (but still not overpowering) lavender smell consistently wafting from the bracelet.  Especially when I drove with the windows down in my car.  It was like having a pleasant little air freshener in the car, without having to actually have one!

The scent was light, relaxing and peaceful (just the way I like it) and I feel like it lasted at least until I took the bracelet off later that evening.  Which by the way, is a feat in and of itself... the fact that it didn't continuously ride up and down my arm all day, actually allowed me to wear it longer than I would usually wear any bracelet and I even got a few compliments on it while I was out!

So the verdict is... I love the diffuser bracelet and I honestly can't wait to try it out with some more oils.  Although lavender is my favorite scent and it helps to alleviate stress, anxiety and tension (another reason I love it), I am curious to try out different oils for different symptoms/effects.

Starr also has diffuser pendants for sale and will be adding other products in the near future.  So be sure to check out her site at!