It's All in Your Perspective

Have you ever seen the FedEx logo?

Of course you have.  But have you seen the hidden arrow in the logo?  No?

Take a look again right now and see if you see it...


Do you see it?  I'll give you a hint... it's between the "E" and the "x."  Ahhh... yes, there it is!  And now I bet you won't ever be able to look at the logo again without seeing it!

Isn't it funny how that works?  Something that's been there all along, right under your nose... yet, you weren't able to see it because you were looking at it in a different way.

So often, this is true for us in life as well.

It's so easy to caught up in something when we look at it on the surface only.  Whether it's a financial difficulty, a challenge at work, in a relationship or with our health.  Usually, it's our automatic reaction to look at it for what we think it is and not really look much further.

But the problem with that is by doing so, we can often miss greater lessons or in some cases, even greater blessings.

For example, in January 2013, I hit the one month mark at a new job that I had been pretty excited about - working full time for a local newspaper.  Although I had been writing for another larger area paper as a freelancer since 2007, this was the first time that I had ever made my "side hustle" my main job.  Writing had always come naturally to me and is a huge passion of mine, so I thought for sure this job was meant to be.  It also came as a huge relief since prior to getting hired, I had been stuck at a miserable job that was quite toxic and I couldn't wait to get out.

The new job was pretty far from my house (an hour and a half commute each way) and it was in a very small, country town which I wasn't too thrilled about, but I really felt like it was a step in the right direction and a stepping stone to something better down the line.

So when my manager called me into her office at the end of January, exactly 30 days after I had started, and told me they were letting me go... I was shocked to say the least.  Not only because it had only been 30 days and I had no indication that anything was wrong, but also because I had never been let go from a job in my life!  I don't remember exactly what she said (I think it was something about it "not working out") but I walked out in kind of a daze and called my mom in tears on the way home.

Thankfully, God provided another job shortly after that... working as a personal assistant to an entrepreneur in the health and wellness field.  It was a great job, I got along well with my boss and I got to work either from her home or mine as opposed to a bland, stuffy office.  But the best part was, after my mom was diagnosed with cancer in March, I realized that I was now in a flexible job where I was able to travel back and forth to VA as much as I needed to for my mom, whereas if I had still been at the newspaper, I wouldn't have.

It was a blessing that I thanked God for continuously and it only made sense later, when I was able to look at it from another perspective.  In that moment that day, when I was being let go, I was distraught, confused and upset.  I didn't know why I was being let go, I worried that I wouldn't be able to find another job and I of course, started to think bad things about myself.

But once I was able to change my perspective and look at things differently, I realized that me being let go was exactly what needed to happen so I could be there for my mother.  

Now, I know it's not always that easy and it may take months or years for you to be able to look back and see the reason for something (if ever), but again, that doesn't mean you can't change your perspective while it's happening.  Because you can.  

No matter what the outside circumstances are, YOU get to decide how you feel about them.

In a challenging job?  Change your perspective... maybe you're developing patience or learning skills that will come in handy at your next job.  Dealing with a physical ailment?  Change your perspective... maybe it's getting you to slow down, choose healthier habits and pay attention to your health.  Heartbroken over the end of a relationship?  Change your perspective... maybe that relationship had to end so you can move on to an even better one.

Sometimes there is a blessing right there under your nose but you're not able to see it until you change your perspective.  So, take a step back, look a little closer and see what else you might find.

Until next time... keep your worries tiny and your dreams BIG!