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Review: Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet from

Review:  Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet from

Recently, I was asked to review an essential oil diffuser bracelet from the blog and shop,  And I'll admit, I didn't know which way it was gonna go.

On one hand, I LOVE essential oils and am super interested in learning about more ways to use them (right now, I mostly use them in a small, electric diffuser I keep in my bedroom).  But on the other hand, I've never been much of a bracelet fan.  

I try... I really do.  But I always end up taking them off halfway through the day, because they are usually annoying me.  This is typically not the bracelet's fault.  But instead because of my freakishly-thin wrists that can't seem to support anything more substantial than a rubber band.


Let's Talk About Sweat Baby

So this may seem a little off-topic since I've been posting a lot about the tiny house lately, but since the "F.a.s.t. Life" is also all about clean living, I wanted to share a little gem with you guys.

I've come to realize in the past couple weeks that several of my friends were suffering from the same dilemma that I had been struggling with myself for awhile.  We sweat... we're only human.  But we also wanted to use a deodorant that wasn't full of toxic JUNK but actually worked.  

Counter Culture - Follow Up

Counter Culture - Follow Up

If you read my first post about Beautycounter products, you probably remember that I said I'd report back after I tried the samples I was given.  That was over a week ago, so I'm sorry for the delay, but I got a doozy of a cold/flu/bug.  Like the 102-degree fever kind.  Fun!  But now that I am finally feeling almost back to normal, I wanted to let y'all know what I thought.



If you've read any of my other blogs about household/beauty products and all of the hidden chemicals lurking inside of them, you probably know that I am always on the look-out for new non-toxic products.  (And if you haven't read my other blogs, check out my top ten lists of "yuck-free" products here and here).  So when my friend told me about a new company called Beautycounter and their mission to provide products that are free of harmful chemicals, I was all ears.