Tired of all that clutter that's taking over your house?  Want more space, more freedom and most importantly... your life back?

I can help.

Ever since I was young, I have always been obsessively organized.  As a little girl, my toys were always put away where they were supposed to be.  As a teenager, my clothes were always neatly put away in my closet.  And even as a college student, the first thing I'd do after a party (besides get breakfast at Waffle House), was straighten up the whole apartment until it was nice and tidy again.

Still to this day, nothing feels quite as satisfying as taking a cluttered and messy room and turning it into a neat and functional space.  I have helped friends, family and now, my downsizing clients to take their homes back by helping them get rid of all the excess and keep only what's truly important.  And I've seen their lives completely change as a result.

That's because clutter isn't just about stuff.  It's a representation of what's going on in our lives - the emotions, the experiences, the beliefs.  And yes, sometimes... it's just too much stuff.  But no matter what the original cause is, clutter can build up quickly, before you even realize it.  And next thing you know, every cabinet, drawer and closet in your house is packed-full and most likely, you don't even use or need half of it.

Not to mention all the things that others have given you, passed down to you or otherwise forced on you... that you now feel too guilty to get rid of.  Well, it's time to kick all of those negative emotions to the curb (as well as all those "things") and find the freedom that's waiting on the other side!

Whether you want to do a major downsizing or just clear out some of the clutter and make more space in your current home, I can help you.  I offer assistance on three different levels and will work with you to develop a plan that works best for you - because no two de-cluttering situations are the same.

level 1:  Includes an in-home consultation & assessment and a detailed, written plan on how you can tackle your clutter on your own.

level 2:  includes an in-home consultation & assessment and a detailed written plan, as well as hands-on assistance with de-cluttering.

level 3:  includes an in-home consultation & assessment and a detailed written plan, as well as hands-on assistance with de-cluttering and installation of new organizational methods to organize the stuff that does stay.  (also includes membership in a private facebook group for support afterward!)

*Virtual consultations are also available for smaller projects.  Additional fees for travel (in areas outside of 30-mile radius of Charlotte), hoarding situations, hazardous items and storage/dumpster rental.


check out these Testimonials from former clients:

"Do yourself a favor… let Jenn get a hold of your cluttered space!  Recently, I downsized into a small condo while at the same time bringing my business operation into a home office and it was OVERWHELMING!  Jenn took objective control over the situation, while respecting the ‘stuff’ I thought I could not part with.  Empathetically and in sensitive dialog, we talked through the reasons I was holding on to things that just were not necessary.  Thank you Jenn!"
-Tami K.
"My coworkers are amazed because I am not cutting it close or running late to work every day like I used to.  I actually get there early and it is a direct result of being able to find things and being able to get things organized the night before.  Jenn, you have really helped me so much!  Thank you!!"
-Elizabeth S.

Contact me at for additional information and fees.  Don't put it off any longer... your life is waiting!