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A private community for women (and men!) who are living simplified, "cleaned up" lives that are fabulous and abundant!


Are you ready to get rid of all the physical and emotional clutter that has been stressing you out and holding you back?  


Are you ready to stop surviving and start living


Then join F.a.s.t. Friends and let's share the journey!






The F.a.s.t. Friends facebook community is for those who:

  • Want to downsize and de-clutter their physical belongings, whether to move into a tiny house
    or just to have more space!
  • Are ready to ditch all the emotional and spiritual baggage that has been dragging them down and stressing them out!
  • Want to start taking better care of their body by eating cleaner and using products that aren't filled with toxic ingredients!
  • Are ready to stop talking about living and actually start DOING IT!

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The F.a.s.t. Friends community is a place of SUPPORT + ENCOURAGEMENT + INSPIRATION!  It is a safe place for us to come together to share our successes and our failures, to ask for advice, to share tips and to have FUN!  But we do have a few rules, like:

1. No promotions.

This means that you may not:

  • Post links to your website or social media.
  • Post links to your Facebook group or page.
  • Post links to your products.
  • Create a thread to advertise your new blog post, website or offering.
  • Create a thread asking for members to submit guest posts, interviews, stories, etc to your site.
  • Post affiliate links.

2. No public shaming or bullying.

This means that you may not:

  • Gossip about people.
  • Make rude comments.
  • Bully people.
  • Shame anyone (inside or outside the group).
  • Be negative.  The “F.a.s.t. Life” is all about abundance, peace, positivity and joy!

3. No “link sharing” threads.

A “link sharing” thread is when you create a new thread and ask people to share a link to their Pinterest profile, Instagram, etc.

4. No pornographic material or spam.

Plain and simple.

5. Facebook live is only to be used by admins.

Please do not try to host a Facebook Live session inside the group. You will be removed.

6. No collaboration/sponsored post offers.

You may not publicize any offers or collaboration opportunities within the group, aside from within designated “promotion” or “collaboration” threads created by group admins.

Remember, violators will be removed from the group, so don’t do it!  Just have fun, be nice and stay inspired!


Daily community threads

Every day, we will have a fun, inspiring topic to chat about!  Here are the threads you will find in the group each week:

Motivation Monday

What do you want to accomplish this week? Quitting sugar? De-cluttering your kitchen cabinets? Start meditating? Share your goals below and let’s motivate each other to reach them!

Tiny Tuesday

When you’re living tiny or minimalist, organization and creative hacks are a MUST.  Have a helpful tip on downsizing, de-cluttering or living a tiny lifestyle?  Share it here with your friends!

Wellness Wednesday

Have a clean eating recipe you’ve tried recently, a health & wellness tip or a review of one of your favorite non-toxic home or beauty products?  Or how about a DIY recipe for products you can make at home?  Share it here so we all can try it out!

Thankful Thursday

Practicing gratitude - or counting your blessings - can help you knock out 'negative self talk' once and for all! Imagine if all the time you spend on negative thoughts was spent focusing on the great things happening in your life - you'd feel amazing!  So tell us...what are you grateful for?

Make it Happen Friday

It’s almost the weekend, so it’s time to make your life happen by marking something off your bucket list or achieving a goal! Share what you’d like to achieve and how you plan to make it happen below.



Self Care Sunday

How are you re-charging for the week ahead today? Make some time for YOU today. Here are a few ideas: spend time in one of your favorite places, take some time away from technology, practice yoga, meditate, start journaling or go out for a long walk.

Questions, comments and feedback for one another is always welcome and encouraged, so feel free to post those any day of the week!


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I'll see you in the group soon!

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